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5 Steps to Accepting Credit Cards at Your Law Firm

From solo attorneys to large law firms 和 everyone in between, the benefits of accepting credit cards are undeniable. Now, you can start accepting…

Article 6分钟.

Get To Know 博狗体育在线’s New Payment Platform

Join this free webinar to learn the advantages of processing payments directly through 博狗体育在线’s new payments platform.


What Are ACH Payments, 和 What Can They Do for Your Law Firm?

ACH payments for lawyers: Why 和 how to accept them, 花了多少钱, 和 how they compare to other payment methods.

Article 9分钟.
ACH payments featured image

Comparing the Best Lawyer 计费 Software

学习 about the best law firm billing software to get your firm paid faster.

Article 6分钟.

Everything You Want—和 Need—To Know About 博狗体育在线’s New Payment Processing Platform

学习 more about the new features 和 advantages of switching to 博狗体育在线’s built-in payments platform to get paid.


How to Streamline Law Firm 集合 with 在线支付 in 博狗体育在线管理

Join this free webinar to learn how to streamline your firm’s collections using 博狗体育在线’s billing 和 payments suite


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